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The DMSO Handbook

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The DMSO Handbook - Hidden Healing Knowledge (Over 22 recipes for DMSO to imitate)

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  • Detailed instructions on how to use DMSO
  • Over 22 recipes for DMSO to imitate
  • Approx. 300 pages with 44 illustrations
  • Printed with BIO colors
  • 7th edition

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Product description

The new comprehensive basic work on DMSO by Dr. re. of course Hartmut PA Fischer

DMSO is a natural substance that is obtained from tree wood and can be used therapeutically in a variety of ways.
The overall healing effect of DMSO is unique and can rightly be understood as the overriding principle of therapy. DMSO is not interchangeable and has an overwhelmingly wide range of harmonious properties. Medical and pharmaceutical research shows again and again that DMSO has the greatest number and range of effects that could ever be proven for a single agent.
Over a period of at least sixty years, more than forty thousand specialist articles have been published, most of which are completely unknown to the general public or have even been deliberately withheld. Now, for the first time, a German-language book on this universal drug and its practical application is available to anyone interested. dr Hartmut Fischer, natural scientist and alternative practitioner, has researched this fascinating liquid and uses it successfully both privately and in his practice.

All his knowledge about it is now in this book.

DMSO is currently making a comeback as an over-the-counter therapeutic after many years of being cherished by professionals and alternative medicine practitioners. In the meantime, it has become known as a fast-acting and excellently well-tolerated agent for the treatment of acute inflammatory and traumatic diseases. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, quickly relieves pain, ensures rapid absorption of swelling or bleeding and supports wound healing. That is why it is often used, for example, for sports injuries, shoulder-arm syndrome, rheumatic and degenerative joint diseases (including changes in the intervertebral discs) or neuralgia.

But DMSO can do much more and not only cosmetic surgeons, accident, sports or veterinarians have discovered this, but also countless people who are looking for alternative healing methods for their chronic ailments. DMSO is therefore an extremely versatile building block for therapeutic independence and a large piece of medical independence from standard drugs with many side effects. For many of those searching, however, the safe handling of this liquid and the possible areas of application have so far remained unclear. In short, there was no concrete reference work for the practical use of DMSO. With this book, a mainly application-oriented standard work is presented for all self-treatment practitioners as well as for doctors, naturopaths and other therapists alike. Therefore, the present work is primarily intended to convey the practical use and safe "handling" of DMSO. In addition, you can also use this piece of literature as an entertaining "reader's book", because many sections go beyond the pure "DMSO horizon" and provide you with a lot of information along the way.


1. Scientific aspects
1.1 What is DMSO?
1.2 Properties
1.2.1 Physical Properties
1.2.2 Chemical properties
1.2.3 Pharmacological properties
1.2.4 Drug Safety
2. Therapeutic application
2.1 General application notes
2.2 External use
2.3 Oral use
2.4 Uses by injection
2.5 Applications of DMSO in combination with other active ingredients
2.5.1 DMSO and MMS/CDL or hydrogen peroxide
2.5.2 DMSO and procaine
2.5.3 DMSO and Hematoxylin
2.5.4 DMSO and other (cancer) drugs
2.5.5 DMSO and Ascorbic Acid
3. Areas of application and case studies
4. DMSO application in animals
5. Sources of supply
6. Dosage Chart
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7th edition
Approx. 300 pages with 44 illustrations;
24,- ISBN 978-3-9815255-1-9

Printed with BIO colors


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D-91220 Schnaittach

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