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CDL all-round package (-24%)

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DMSO all-round package (-22%)

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sodium chlorite + hydrochloric acid

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CDL Hygiene Spray (500 ml)

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Graduated cylinders (10 ml, 50 ml) made of glass

SKU EM10234
  • graduation is melted and largely resistant to acids and alkalis
  • 0.2 ml graduation (from 1 to 10 ml)
  • 1 ml graduation (from 10 to 50 ml)
  • Accuracy class A
  • 10ml/ 50ml capacity

More product details

Product description

The measuring cylinder made of glass is suitable for measuring different volumes of liquid. The glass cylinder is available in 2 different sizes with different graduations.

accuracy class

Class A (main points ring pitch).
The error limits correspond to half of the class B tolerances according to DIN ISO standards.

Class A conformity-certified (main points ring graduation): Conformity means compliance with the requirements of the German Calibration Ordinance and compliance with the relevant standards. With the conformity mark H printed on it, we confirm that a measuring device fulfills these conditions. A batch certificate is included with each pack. Individual certificates are also available on request.


The blue graduation is an enamel color. It is melted and largely resistant to acids and alkalis.

The brown graduation is a diffuse color. It penetrates the glass surface and bonds with the glass. As a result, the brown graduation offers greater consistency than the blue graduation.


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